8月是健康月! To create and maintain a high quality of life, it’s important to incorporate healthy everyday habits. 健康是多方面的. 的re are eight dimensions of wellness and each dimension is equally vital in the pursuit of optimal health.

Here are some tips on how to improve overall wellness with each dimension.


锻炼, eat healthy by including foods of every color palette into your meals, 不要不吃饭,保证充足的睡眠! 的 old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has some truth to it. 一项研究 of 20,000 adults found that consuming higher amounts of white-fleshed fruits and vegetables, 包括苹果, 会降低中风的风险.


A person who practices a healthy emotional lifestyle will be better able to handle any situation. 来帮助识别你的情绪, 创建一个每日情绪追踪器, discover your personal stress reliever and confide in someone you trust to share your feelings. 快乐的人更有可能为目标而努力, find the resources they need and attract others with their energy and optimism. Use your daily hassles to practice responses to allow emotional health to flourish. 为了进一步改善你的情绪健康,使用这个 情感健康工具包 作为一个起点.


Create a positive mindset by changing your unhealthy habits, become self-aware (you will discover some things you like and some you won’t, but that’s the point) and take time for yourself every day – even if it’s only 5 minutes! You will start to notice that you make time for those 5 minutes every day because it makes that much of a difference. Taking time for yourself will also help create a positive mindset and change your unhealthy habits. 的 美国心理健康协会 provides the ten tools to help you feel stronger and hopeful.


Unfortunately, this pandemic has made it difficult to socialize, but get creative! 参与, find a hobby or do something that you can share with others to connect, 平衡你的生活,和优秀的人在一起. Create new traditions for connecting regularly with friends and family. 例如, install an app to video chat with your friends and family, 调用, 文本, 电子邮件和/或在邮件中发送一封信! 同时,利用这段时间更多地了解自己. 开始改善你的社会健康,使用这个 社会健康工具包.


的 spiritual dimension of wellness can be the most personal piece of the puzzle when trying to place all eight dimensions of wellness together. Generally, people like to live a life with meaning and purpose. When these goals are met, it puts harmony in one’s life and others around that person. 找一个安静的地方,每天花时间在那里, spend time outdoors and take in your natural surroundings, 旅行, 冥想和做呼吸练习. Oxygen revitalizes you, resets your mind, body and spirit, and allows you to feel better. Filling up with air as we do when we deep breathe puts pressure on the Vagus nerve. This nerve is the longest cranial nerve that runs from the brain stem to part of the colon and connects directly to the heart and many other organs. 当我们用深呼吸按摩迷走神经时, we actively slow our hearts and switch into a more relaxed and open state of mind. If you don’t know any breathing exercises, these different 呼吸技巧 会帮助你发现哪种方法最适合你!


This dimension is focused on the natural and built environments for the benefit of human health. 根据 健康和全球环境中心 在哈佛医学院, climate change over the coming decades is likely to increase rates of allergies, 哮喘, 心脏病和癌症, 在其他疾病. 也, 很有可能, 随着全球气温上升, diseases that were previously found only in warmer areas of the world may appear increasingly in other, 以前寒冷地区, where people have not yet developed natural defenses against them. To improve your environment experts encourage others to recycle, 节约能源, use sustainable products and volunteer with environmental organizations.


在2019年的一次 研究在美国,59%的美国人是靠薪水生活的. 改善你的财务状况, create a weekly or monthly budget by tracking your spending and set goals based on what you find, 尽量削减或限制开支, 或者找一个财务顾问帮忙. It’s never too late to start working toward your financial goals! 如果你想评估你的财务状况,使用这个 NerdWallet的财务健康计算器 to check your financial health score and discover what you can do to improve it.


Vocational wellness is subjective – it’s based on your feelings and opinions. It is about your perception, attitude, outlook and reaction to the work you take part in. Explore your talents and interests, and assess your strengths and weaknesses. 拥有满意的工作生活, 从事专业发展, working collaboratively and achieving personal satisfaction improves each of the dimensions listed above. 想要帮助你处理与工作有关的压力,使用这个 检查表 作为一个起点.

伟德ios下载官网 believes in creating a healthy work environment where associates can flourish both professionally and personally. 的 company advocates for every associate’s wellbeing and wellness. 在我们的福利计划中, we provide associates with resources for all eight dimensions of wellness including a companywide wellness program, 财务健康教育研讨会, professional development opportunities and connect associates with mental health counselors. 在卡斯托,我们的员工是我们最大的财富. If this type of work environment interests you, visit our 职业与文化页面 了解更多信息并申请伟德ios下载官网的职位.

“Nurturing yourself is not selfish — it’s essential to your survival and your well-being.——蕾妮·彼得森·特鲁多


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