Berserkur MMA rash guard (blue)

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High quality MMA rash guard made from high stretch polyester. This MMA rash guard is made to prevent it from rising and exposing your stomach during grappling. To this end the skirt is longer than a standard rash guard, and the bottom of the skirt is fitted with a rubberized high friction elastic, that clings to your shorts, drastically reducing the rising experienced in normal grappling and MMA rash guard.

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Product Description

Main features include:

  • Anti-rise features in the rubberized elastic waistband and long skirt.
  • Printed necktag, to prevent itching and scratching from coarse necktags.
  • Fully sublimated graphics, all graphics are dyed into the fabric, so no chance of them flaking off.
  • A more loose “crew-neck” neckline, compared to traditional rashguards, for comfort.
  • High quality material and stitching.


These MMA rash guard were given the Icelandic name “Berserkur”, which translates to “Bear shirt”, and is the basis for the english word “Berserker”. The word was originally used to describe fierce norse warriors that went into a frenzy and showed great prowess in battle.

In general training grappling, or MMA in a rash guard, is preferred to a t-shirt, since it doesn’t allow for limbs to get caught in loose openings, causing possible injury during explosive moves which are so frequent in grappling and/or MMA training.

Please note, that this rashguard is most likely not IBJJF compliant in regards to brownbelt rashguards, and was not made with IBJJF competitions in mind. The main color is a very dark-brown, but the orange would probably not pass as another hue of brown (rules state brown is the only allowed color, aside from white and black).

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