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This belt color rash guard is made with IBJJF regulations in mind, and is therefore 100% legal to use in their competitions. The belt color is contained on the left side of the rash guard, and spills slightly over into the front side, coming in at an angle. The chest has our newly made raven Odin logo, and the back says “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”, as well as a small version of our ravens head. We have tried to keep the design simple and clean, while still adding some asymmetry to give some new options in the BJJ belt color rash guard market, which is mostly dominated by simply colored sleeves/logos.

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Product Description

The belt color rash guard is made with the same soft, highly stretchable material, as our other rash-guards, and has the same fit (even though the patchwork is different). These rash guards also have the same anti-rise features as our previous ones, with a high-friction elastic in the wast bands, that sticks to your hips and prevents your belly/back from being exposed during intense matches.

IBJJF belt color rash guard rules:

IBJJF has strict rules when it comes to the allowed belt color rash guards at their tournaments, and our rash guard fulfills all of these requirements. This is what the rulebook says a rash guard should have (and not have) in order to be legal:

Shirt of elastic fabric (clings to body) at a length that covers the shorts’ waist band, of black or white color, and displaying
at least 10% of the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs. Shirts that are 100% the color of the rank (belt)
the athlete belongs to are also acceptable

In addition to this, through email correspondance with IBJJF, we have also learned that only one hue/variation of the belt color can be used (so no color gradients, multiple blue colors etc).

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